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Karen Tracy

Liontamer-Pazzazz Chow Chows truly are special. Simply ask anyone who owns one of my Chows and they will describe a dog of exceptional beauty, temperament, health – and that little something extra: Pazzazz!

The results of my 15 years of dedicated breeding are impressive. I am the only breeder to have had two Chows to win the Breed at the prestigious Eukanuba Dog Show. The first chow to do so was only 11 months old at the time and also the first bitch to win the breed there. That was AM/CAN. BISS CH. Liontamer-N-Pazzazz's Journey. I also had a male whom I bred, T’ang, and co-owned, who went on to win the breed at Eukanuba.

I have had two of my chows that were ranked # 1 in the country: The first was Journey. She had the honor of being the Top Bitch in the US and Canada in the same year. She had over 100 breed wins and multiple group wins and specialty wins in the year and a half that she was shown. Journey was also the only chow so far to go back into the ring and earn her Grand Championship as a Veteran. At her last show, she won BOS at Southern Chow Specialty as a Veteran. Journey won that same award at that same show as a puppy. She won Veteran's Bitch at the Chow National in 2010 and she also won Best Of Opposite Sex at Westminster Dog Show when she was being shown as a special. The other one was my amazing Maddox.

I have had one or more dogs in the Top 10 in the National for over 10 years straight, and also received a Breeder of Merit award.

You’ve probably seen some of my dogs on Martha Stewart's television show over the years, and some of my chows have been in advertising campaigns. Something else that’s notable is that many of my chows have been used as models for judges to study in several seminars to teach new people who want to judge the breed.

Needless to say, I am very proud of my dogs and thank you for visiting my website to learn more about Liontamer-Pazzazz Chows.

Warmly yours,

Karen Tracy

Martha Stewert with our Chows
Ghenghis Khan on the cover of Martha Stewert Living
Primo Water Ad Featuring Teegan

Pazzazz Chows now Liontamer Pazzazz Chows

Dr. Samuel Draper and Desmond Murphy were Liontamer Chows, producing very well-known top winning chows over the years. They had many multiple Best In Show chows, many # 1 chows, many National Specialty winners. Dr. Sam, who has passed away, was a college professor and an AKC judge. Desi is also an AKC judge and travels all over the world on judging assignments. Several years ago, Dr. Sam approached me and asked if I would carry on the Liontamer name for them. He said he was impressed with my breeding program and my genuine love of the breed. I was so honored to be asked to go forward with the Liontamer name that I put it before my own kennel name of Pazzazz. We became partners, and Desi and I continue to carry on Liontamer Pazzazz Chows in the hopes of producing sound, good-tempered quality chows. view ad

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